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marble stone

Marble has a light cream color with gray lines which doubles the beauty of the stone and takes it out of the monotony. Stone floor of stylish commercial,residential units interior view,Stone floor and parking floor ,the lobby wall and interiors marble stone are available.

Chinese stone

Porcelain stone is one of the oldest stones in Iran with white color theme and black lines. It is considered as one of the most widely used building stones in Iran in the past. Applications of porcelain stone is in Interior walls of the building (interior facade) Decorative paving of commercial and office units Stone paving of residential units of table and countertop kitchen units . Or in Exterior of the building (main facade) paving, Religious places and Exterior of the building.

Stone powder

The stone powder is considered the most commonly used rock soil in the construction industry. It combines with other building materials such as gypsum, cement and white cement and, due to its high adhesion, increases the strength and durability of the structure. It also prevents the cement from cracking after drying. Stone powder produced from rocks such as marble has a higher degree of purity and is used for industrial purposes.


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