It is a metamorphic carbonate rock that, due to re-crystallization under heat and pressure during the metamorphic period, has a distinct crystalline texture and is composed mainly of calcite and dolomite or compound minerals.
Marble is available in a range of colors, mostly cream and then white, black, gray and red.
Marble is not very resistant to rain and extreme weather changes and is mostly used indoors.
Features of marble include high abrasion resistance, excellent abrasion resistance, high variety and good adhesion to mortar.

1- Interior walls of the building (interior view)
2- Stone paving of commercial and administrative units
3- The paving of religious places
4- Rural paving of residential units
5- Parking paving

The price depends on the following factors:
1- The more uniform the color of the stone, the higher the price
2- Thickness of marble
3- Dimensions of marble
4- Quality